Advising Team - Department of Biological Sciences

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ALL Advising Services will be offered remotely until further notice. Details

Maribel Saucedo-Gonzalez

Freshmen Biology Students

Maribel can help you with your first year in the biology major. Get help with course selection, locating resources, student success, and getting involved.

Freshmen (30 credits or less) - Schedule your Required Advising Appointment!

Alex Urquhart

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Biology Students

Alex can help you with course selection, degree progress, and student involvement. Alex is a biology instructor as well, he can help you explore the major and how to be successful in biology courses.

Schedule your next semester and review degree progress!

Clay Cox

Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Transfer Students

Also - Biology Minors, 2nd Degree Seeking Students, and Prospective Students.
Really, any questions about the biology major!

Clay can help you with course selection, degree progress, transfer credits, academic adjustments, appeals, forms, policies, internship/career, and your student success!

Seniors - Schedule your Graduation Check!